Zona di Sacrificio
Claudio Bettio

What:    Shitty polluted place since the very beginning. 
Where:  Marghera, Italy
When:   2010

The Lomo Lubitel 166-B was the first medium format camera I've ever owned. Also the only 6x6 TLR I've ever used. I got it for a very cheap price back in the days when old film cameras were not sold for absurd money, so I thought I'd give it a go. Despite being very light and easy to use, I found was it not very comfortable to handle and compose. I shot only two rolls with it and this is the last one. I sold the camera straight away afterwards, and now that I've finally scanned that roll I regret selling it. Same old story.

Shot in Marghera, the largely abandoned and hopelessly polluted industrial compound of Venice. It was a shit place in 2010, and still is after a decade. Well done, progress.